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Monday, July 23, 2012

Nature's Grilling Gourmet Mesquite Charcoal

Nature's Grilling is so gourmet, a dude in a tux should carry it to your car.Most people wouldn't complain about our blistering, record-breaking summer this year. But due to the intense heat, the Stay Puft Marshmallow man has melted into an oozing pile of ant-food. Also, I have not been able to grill as much as I would've liked to.

Let's focus on that.

It has taken me a bit longer to go through my next bag of charcoal: Nature's Grilling Gourmet Mesquite charcoal. I bought this 6.6 lb. bag on sale at Canadian Tire. It was regularly $11.99, but for $7.99 it was worth a try. However, the joke was on me, as they later lowered the REGULAR price to $5.99.

Now this is a nice bag full of great information. The bag states it's 100% natural, and that it is a product of Mexico. "Nature's Grilling Products", however, is located in Louisville, CO. In addition to safety information the directions contain some nice graphics. They also boldly state their #1 Mesquite Charcoal ranking by The Naked Whiz, and explain their commitment to reforestation and fairness to employees.

Inside the bag I found absolutely no scrap bits. It was, essentially, all useable. A typical handful looked like this. The pieces were all good sizes, with only one that needed to be broken into smaller pieces.

Some of the pieces sparked and popped in my chimney but once I poured it into my grill it all settled down nicely.

The smell was quite strong and it was clear immediately this was a mesquite charcoal. I was worried it would be too strong for my food, but I was wrong. It added a nice flavour to my Juicy Jumbos, hamburgers and sirloin burgers that was almost delicate.

The only downside to the Nature's Grilling Mesquite charcoal was it was very similar to my Kingsford in taste. Too similar, actually. With Kingsford I can get quite a bit more bang for my buck. I would not pay $12 for this charcoal, but if the price remains at $5.99, it's a very good bag to have around.

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OpenID ryoko861 said...

I posted a comment, but blogger and I don't get along sometimes.

You paid $5.99 for a bag of charcoal that suppose to be natural at a tire store.....? Interesting.

If it stays at $5.99 a bag, buy three!

11:35:00 AM

Blogger Martini said...

I have another I'm going to review later... it's twice the size, almost identical in 'flavour' and it's also $5.99!

11:40:00 PM


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